How reliable are the SEO Studies that claim to have reverse-engineered Google’s search algorithm?

In this episode, Jeff Ferguson of Amplitude Digital and Jennifer Hood, Data Analytics Consultant join Matt to discuss the accuracy of studies of Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. Many SEO companies claim to have tested multiple aspects of the ranking algorithm and then use this data to sell their products.

But how much have they tested, what have they tested, and is their testing even statistically valid to make a substantial claim? Those are the questions that Jeff Ferguson asked and answered in his recent Search Engine Journal article, “Do We Have the Math To Truly Decode Google?”

Of course, the community answered. Some with pushback against the scrutiny, others with open honesty about getting better at both the research and the claims being made.

Grab your coffee and listen in to the story behind the article, information that didn’t make the article, and how the authors shook up the SEO industry with a little bit of data science.

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Article: Do We Have the Math to Truly Decode Google’s Algorithms?