We have devised a non-arbitrary systems to help you figure out the category of credit card you
are holding, from a basic one to a top-notch. In a clear and precise manner, this video
takes you on a journey from a basic, credit-building credit card to the invitation-only, high
end/private banking credit cards.

At both ends there are a few, while most people are somewhere in the mid-categories. The higher the category, the higher the annual fee, the better the credit score and income requirements etc. Similarly, higher category credit cards mean better rewards value (earn ratio), as well as perks: insurances and benefits attached to the card.

Selecting a credit card that fits your lifestyle is essential, as it would enhance your life on daily expenditure you anyway make. Understanding the category of the credit card helps in getting the precise credit card out of a line of credit cards, as it helps illustrate the differences within credit cards that earn same type of rewards/same co-branding etc.

You can find more info about category 1 credit cards in the following video:

Credit Cards for Bad Credit & Building Credit in Canada