Bleeding disorders can be because of excessive bleeding or there can be excessive clot formation as well. They are two different aspects of bleeding disorder. However when we are talking about extraction when there is bleeding anticipated there can be severe bleeding or the bleeding may not clot at all. The hemostasis may not be achieved. So when the hemostasis is not achieved. What happen is there is tendency to bleed more than what is actually anticipated. This can result in severe blood loss in patients with bleeding disorder. It can result in considerable amount of complication which needs to be managed. So therefore before you take care of anything related to bleeding disorder, the initial understanding of the disease and the severity of the disease needs to be assessed before we carry out any kind of procedures. Other precautions that we need to take care in case of bleeding disorder is to understand where the procedure should be, in an operative environment or a chair side environment or what kind of paramedical facility that is required. All these are required for treating patients with bleeding disorder along with the other medical supervision and prescriptions that are already being carried out.