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Client Testimonial for Georgia Auto Accident | Murphy Law Firm
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Our law firm works hard to get our clients every penny they deserve from their settlement. We have chosen to focus our practice on the victims of auto accidents. We truly know that in a few seconds, a car wreck can change your life, and not for the better.

Beyond dealing with healing from injuries, you’re also expected to handle the complicated insurance process. You don’t have to handle it alone. James Murphy has helped thousands of accident victims fight insurance companies for a fair settlement, and has recovered millions. Isn’t it time you let someone else expertly handle your situation, and give you back your valuable time? 770-577-3020

Hi. My name is Laykesha Sockwell and I was recently in a car accident about two years ago traveling on I-24 on my way to Georgia.

A car hit me from behind and spins my car out of control. I had my whole family in my vehicle and I suffered from some neck injuries, back injuries, headache and a bad case of whiplash.

I decided to go back to work immediately but I just couldn’t. The headaches were terrible. So I decided to take some time off from work.

At that time, it wasn’t getting any better so I decided hey it’s time for me to get an attorney. I contacted Mr. Murphy’s office and he explained to me the process of the price of a lawyer and gave me advice on the insurance company and how to try and get this stuff resolved.

He was awesome; he didn’t rush me trying to get me out of his office. And I really appreciate that. His people — everyone here — was awesome. If I had to, I would recommend Mr. Murphy’s office to anyone who needed legal advice.

Please be advised that this is not legal advice. I’m not your lawyer until you and I enter a written agreement for me to be your lawyer. I know the arguments the insurance company will make – and so should you – even before you file your claim. I can offer suggestions and identify traps, but please do not construe anything in this video to be legal advice about your case, as each case is different and an attorney can only give you quality legal advice when he or she understands the facts involved in your case.