This video illustrates the step by step technique to a class II composite restoration. Small cavities need to be prepared conservatively and with precision. We used natural white colored fillings for this particular video!

Posterior Class II Composite Filling

Dental Procedure – #4 MO / #5 DO
– Rubber Dam Isolation w/ Wedjets Stabilizing Cord + Winged Rubber Dam Clamp
– Initial Access w/ #245 Carbide Bur
– Preparation Refinement w/ Long Diamond Bur
– Aluminum Oxide Blaster for Conservative Stain Removal (Not Shown)
– Ultradent Sectional Matrix System
– Phosphoric Acid Etchant ( Selective Etch Enamel for 15 Seconds)
– Kuraray Clearfil SE System
– Flowable Composite in Proximal Box for Marginal Adaptation / Light Cure
– Marginal Ridge Fabrication w/ Shade A2 Composite Resin / Light Cure
– Incremental Layers of Composite Resin / Light Cure (Leave .5MM for Final Increment
– Final Increment of Composite Resin w/ Condenser + Ball Burnisher for Anatomical Adaptation
– Interproximal Contouring w/ Fine Diamond + Polishing Discs (Preparation for Flossing Contact)
– Ultradent Sectional Matrix on Adjacent Tooth
– Yellow Ring (Preparation for Flossing Contact)
– Composite Resin Filling Protocol (Same as Above Steps)
– Initial Occlusal Adjustment with Football Diamond Bur
– Rubber Dam Removal
– Articulating Paper
– Final Occlusal Adjustments w/ Polishing System
If anyone needs more detail or clarification on the steps listed above, feel free to comment.
Please feel free to message me @sdsmilecouple for more information on products used. . .