Douglasville, Georgia Accident Attorney


A stressed mom came to Murphy Law Firm, LLC because her two children were hurt while riding in another person’s truck. The truck was hit on Hwy 5 in Douglasville, Georgia. The other driver caused the accident because they made an improper lane change.

Both children needed medical treatment for their injuries. However, to receive money for the medical bills and pain and suffering from the insurance company, the mother had to file a personal injury claim for both children. The mother had not handled a personal injury claim by herself before, so she decided to hire an attorney. She came to Murphy Law Firm, LLC in Douglasville, GA.

If you have children that were injured in an accident, you may want to at least consult with an experienced accident attorney to get quality advice. Also, each case and injury claim is unique, so it is impossible to say what the fair value of the compensation is. You probable should not trust an attorney that promises a big settlement before he has done thorough investigating and you have completed your treatment.

Will “Any” Attorney Do?

There are plenty of attorneys to choose from if you simply Google “attorney” and “your location”. Some attorneys claim to handle all sorts of cases. Is this really the kind of attorney you want? THINK ABOUT THIS: If you needed someone to fix your car engine, would you go to a mechanic that only knows how to change oil? Or would you want a mechanic that has experience in fixing engines?

The same premise applies to your accident. You don’t just want “ANY” attorney, you want one that has experience handling car accidents and injuries. James Murphy’s focus is only work and auto accident injuries, so he answers questions like yours every day.
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Please be advised that this video is not legal advice. I’m not your lawyer until you and I enter a written agreement for me to be your lawyer. I know the arguments the insurance company will make – and so should you – even before you file your claim. I can offer suggestions and identify traps, but please do not construe anything in this video to be legal advice about your case, as each case is different and an attorney can only give you quality legal advice when he or she understands the facts involved in your case.