Official Car Accident Demand Letter (for each state!):

A Car Accident Demand Letter requests payment from a liable driver or insurance company for costs relating to a car crash. The document acts as an invoice for all medical treatment, property damages, wage loss, and other pain and suffering costs incurred due to a vehicle incident. It is forwarded to the driver at fault or his/her insurer with a breakdown of all fees.

A Car Accident Demand Letter is crucial when seeking a settlement after a crash, since it:

Informs a driver s/he is liable for certain costs;
Describes the total amount resulting from personal injury and/or property damage;
Can be used to begin settling a dispute outside of the legal system;
Begins negotiations between both parties towards a settlement;
Accounts for your version of the accident in written detail; and
Can be kept as a record for legal purposes if any disputes were to arise

For more information about car accident demand letters, watch our video — and then head to the link above for a free template!


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