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Driving in Los Angeles can be dangerous. People are always in a rush to get to where they need to go, sacrificing safety to do so. In fact, Allstate ranks Los Angeles as 193 out of 200 for best cities to drive in. Furthermore, California Highway Patrol reported 51, 988 car accidents that involved injury and 73,759 involving property damage in 2014.

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With these statistics in mind, it is important that you understand what to do in an event of a car accident and what your rights as a driver.

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Why do car accidents happen?
There are numerous reasons as to why car accidents occur. The DMV notes the following as the most common reasons:

Driving on the wrong side of the road
Improper turns
Violating another person’s right-of-way
Running through stop signals and signs
Another cause of car collisions is of a more sinister nature: driving under the influence. In 2015, California Office of Traffic Safety reported 3,300 collisions that involved alcohol.

Though you may not be able to prevent an accident with an irresponsible driver, you can take the appropriate steps to ensure a strong personal injury case so you are compensated.

What should you do after you’re in a car collision?
A car accident is a traumatizing experience. As soon as a collision happens, it can be difficult to think about what you should do next and in what order. Keep a printout of the following instructions as a guide as to how you should go about handling a car accident:

After an accident, you must stop your vehicle
If able, move your vehicle to a place of safety and check on the other parties involved
Call an ambulance for those injured
Call the police whether or not anyone is injured
Exchange the following information:
Drivers license information
Vehicle registration card
Insurance information
For added measure, take photos of their information
While waiting for the police, you should begin documenting the scene. Takes pictures of the collision, familiar landmarks, traffic signs and signals, etc.

Insurance companies tell you to call them as soon as a car accident happens, but we recommend waiting until the adrenaline has left your system and you’re in a sound mind. Insurance adjusters have a tendency to take advantage of your weakened state to make you say something that they can use to pay you less.

Ideally, you should call a Wilshire Law Firm car accident lawyer before calling your insurance adjuster so they can guide you.

When dealing with an insurance adjuster, the police, paramedics; you should NEVER ADMIT FAULT. To do so can hurt your ability to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Once you leave the site of the accident, seek medical attention if you have yet to do so.

Why Wilshire Law Firm?
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