Video Transcription:
It’s certainly not uncommon for someone who has been in a car accident to wonder if it’s something they can settle on their own without a lawyer. I think it’s certainly possible. A lot of people settle, especially small cases, one where your treatment isn’t very long and you recover pretty quickly. It’s entirely feasible to settle that kind of case on your own.

I think the real issue is what if you don’t have one of those small cases. We have prepared a report, 29 Sure-Fire Tips to Settling Your Car Accident Case on Your Own , that you can download for free on our website. We actually walk you through all of the steps of the things we do in the law office day in and day out to settle an auto accident case. I invite you to download the report, look at it and go through each of those steps in your mind and you can determine if you think you’re comfortable doing those things and achieving the result that you think is best for your case.

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