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Google announced Changes to HowTo and FAQ-rich results.

To provide a cleaner and more consistent search experience, Google is changing how some rich results types are shown in Google’s search results.

In particular, they’re reducing the visibility of FAQ-rich results and limiting How-To-rich results to desktop devices.

Although this does not mean to stop adding this type of schema, we have to remember schema is intended for the crawlers and the algorithm; just because a rich result doesn’t show up doesn’t mean it can help the algorithm understand what your page is about.

Last week we saw the power of schema on how it can rank no-content pages.

Google SEO office hours from August 2023 were posted this past week.

Someone asks Why is my site not ranking despite low competition and good SEO?

This is where receiving referral traffic matters. Backlinks with no traffic don’t help much, so be sure to promote your pages socially,
run a few ads to your new pages to get the crawlers coming, sending an email blast.

The episode with Nick Jordan on how he ranked pages without backlinks is excellent to watch, so be sure to check that out.

3 types of pages you should remove from your website

Content pruning is something I’m a big fan of.

A part of the process is identifying any older content cannibalizing keywords and simply merging blogs and setting up 301 redirects.

How to scale content with Brian Dean

Templates are always great ways to scale. For example, in this show, I have an agenda/template that I follow, and it is one less thing to worry about what content I will need to produce every week.

Get More Sales with Google Shopping: 4 New Features to Drive Traffic to Your Store

SEO is not just about ranking on page one but optimizing your brand in every element the search engine offers and showing up.

We all know backlinks can help page one, bringing me to my favorite part of the show.

Please ask questions on the topic, and I will address them in the order they are received.

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Brian Kato is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in digital marketing.

He has established himself as a thought leader and expert in strategy development, implementation, and analysis.

He is widely recognized for his exceptional skills in the industry.

He will be speaking at the Digital Unfiltered Conference in Las Vegas.

He leverages guerrilla-marketing techniques that go “beyond the blog.”

Please welcome Brian Kato!


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