Motor vehicle accidents, Massachusetts.

Good morning. I’m attorney Neil Burns. And I want to talk a little bit today about victims of motor vehicle accidents here in Massachusetts. I’ve been representing victims for over 35 years, and I’ve learned that there are three parts to a motor vehicle case. And I want to talk a little bit about those to help you through this process.

The first part of a personal injury case for a motor vehicle accident is proving liability or responsibility. You may think because it was a rear-ender or because a truck cut you off, because you have a favorable police report, or because the defendant, the other driver, was cited that you have a good case and you probably do. However, the insurance companies will fight you every step of the way. So what we do, is we work on responsibility or liability with you. We help get pictures, secure videos, witness statements, so that we don’t have to worry later on that when we get down the road in front of a jury, that we don’t have the right pictures, the right video, or the witnesses that we need to prove your case.

The second part of a personal injury case in Massachusetts is injuries. We need to prove your injuries. There are lots of laws that require how the proof goes into evidence at the time of trial, and we need to know that right from the outset so that we can prove your injuries to a jury that will help in settlement of any motor vehicle case. First, we need to get your medical records. Second, we need to get your medical bills. And most importantly, if you have permanent injuries, scarring, or potential for arthritis, we need to get a medical report from a doctor that could be certified and put into evidence at the time of trial. We work with you and your doctors to get this information so that we can feed it to the insurance company at the appropriate time, for the best, most effective results for your case.

The third part of a motor vehicle case in Massachusetts is the process. The insurance companies require us to do certain things and jury trials require us to present certain things in a timely basis. Your claim needs to go through that process. And it’s really important that it do so properly. There are attributes to your insurance policy that will help, such as personal injury protection insurance. That’s no fault insurance. And you need to know how to use that to your advantage. We can use it for lost earnings, lost wages before the hospital’s and the ambulance and those folks can hold up that no fault money. The hospitals and Medicare has a lien on your case. Lots of lawyers, the TV lawyers won’t tell you about that, but we present that right from the outset and we focus on that so that we can negotiate with those insurance companies or Medicare at the time that we need to. This process is all very important and if we do it strategically, if we do it effectively, we can get the best result for you at the time of either settlement or trial.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts, give us a call. Whether it’s a bicycle accident, car accident, truck accident, any type of accident in Massachusetts, we’d have the experience. I’ve been practicing law for over 35 years here, and I have experience to be effective in getting results for you. My partner, Sean Jan, is in court almost every day on behalf of our clients. It’s a free initial consultation. We want to help you. Thank you.