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In this video, I discuss the many reasons why Bitcoin is a much better savings and spending technology than banks.

When you hold money in a bank, you have to worry about the regulators and the government that controls that bank.

You also have to worry about bank runs. Banks are unstable, highly levered structures that can implode overnight if confidence in them falters. If a bank run happens, you may or may not be made whole by a bailout.

Banks are notorious for carrying out the will of political elites, censoring political enemies, minorities, etc.

By contrast, Bitcoin allows you to send or receive money 24/7 (even on weekends and bank holidays) without needing permission from anyone. Bitcoin is open to everyone, regardless of race, gender, net worth, nationality, politics, or other ideological opinions– and it’s censorship resistant.

Bitcoin is a new form of money that we can hold ourselves without having to trust a bank to hold it for us. Bitcoin allows you to hold the fruits of your time and labor in a form that cannot be confiscated, or debased through money printing.

Bitcoin has no counter-party risk. It’s a bearer asset like gold, but adapted to the modern digital world.

Bitcoin can be sent instantly anywhere in the world, or sent to yourself after you move to a more friendly economic or political jurisdiction.

With your “Bitcoin bank account,” all you need to do is memorize 12 words. You can cross any border and “reconstitute” your Bitcoin on the other side using these 12 words. Bitcoin is a life raft for refugees, who would otherwise risk losing everything, whether it’s Germany, Rwanda, Ukraine, etc.

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