Dental implants have gained unprecedented worldwide popularity in the last 10-15 years. There is a significant amount of research that goes into dental implants which makes them expensive.

Naturally when something becomes so popular and especially when its also expensive, alternatives are considered to make treatment cheaper.

The first alternative are the mini implants. These in general are used with clips to provide some retention for a denture. These implants are not regarded as a permanent solution as they have a relatively high rate of failure. These implants are a lot cheaper but are not recognized by most experienced professionals as sufficient for the retention of fixed crowns or bridges. The problem is, that if these implants fail, they often leave behind inadequate bone for retreatment with conventional implants.

When there is no sufficient bone left for conventional implants, bone grafting helps reconstruct the bone volume and helps achieve the most optimal implant placement once the grafts consolidate. But grafting can add a significant cost to the implant treatment. An alternative for highly resorbed upper jaws is what is know as Zygomaticus implants. But whilst they are cheaper, the do have certain potential problems that must be taken into account before embarking on this process that is complex to undo. The zygomaticus implants are covered in a separate section.

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