Ally Bank has Buckets and Boosters to assist in optimizing savings. Buckets are digital envelopes. You can have 10 buckets in your savings account. You can have buckets for emergencies, vacations, wedding, bill payments, car repairs, education, pet needs, and other buckets. You can even create your own bucket and set goals and target dates. Boosters are how you fund your buckets. Do you get paid every week or twice a month? Set up boosters so funds automatically flow into your buckets.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Buckets and Boosters explained
3:50 Set up buckets
7:00 Set up boosters for month-end
9:40 Set up boosters for mid-month

Set up buckets and boosters steps:
1) Open Saving on Ally
2) Go to Saving account on Ally
3) Click Set up Buckets
4) Pick one or more buckets
5) Set Goal and Target Date – not required
6) Go to Boosters to fund your bucket
7) Pick a time frame for money to go from Checking accounting or Saving accounts to buckets. Usually, this would be a checking account where you have direct deposit set up.

Ally Bank – Buckets
Tax Payments
Bill Payments
Make your own

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