Is your website’s rankings dropped drastically? Then you may have been struck by a Google Penalty! But what is Google penalty exactly? See, Google has made it clear that its algorithms are designed to detect the quality of your website and reward it accordingly. By rewarding, it means that your website would be ranked higher in the search results. But that is just not the case… Sometimes your website may be penalized by Google. The reason: not following the search engine guidelines. This video will provide you with the complete list of google penalties that are common among the seo community worldwide and share ways on how to fix google penalty.

Video Walkthrough,
0:00 What is a Google Penalty Explained
0:32 Types of Google Penalties
0:55 Google Manual Actions Explained
4:05 How to Fix a Google Manual Penalty
4:28 Google Penalty Algorithms
6:46 How to Fix Google Algorithm Penalty
7:06 Conclusion

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

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