You will see 77 reasons, advantages, examples, facts for Swiss bank account opening.
We provide the best Swiss bank account for foreigners.
People fear the effects of money printing, helicopter money, inflation and political instability.
Smart investors have a plan B.
Since Covid-19, Swiss banks collected a ton of new money.
Specially the USA and Asia are opting for Switzerland for offshore banking business.
The world has become more insecure. Not only diversification with investments,
but the geographical diversification of investments in the safest banks is more important than ever.

Take your money out of your country before your country will take your money out of you!

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Timestamp Question
00:00 The world is becoming more insecure
01:30 Why Switzerland is attracting so much new money since Codid-19 crisis?
02:17 Most countries are sinking deeper and deeper into insolvency
03:12 How to circumvent Lebanese capital export restrictions?
04:14 The last will be bitten by the dogs
04:27 Capital export restriction are coming overnight – no announcement!
05:10 Having a Swiss bank account is not illegal – hiding money is!
05:16 How to circumvent OECD reporting obligations?
07:00 How to tell if a bank is safe?
08:32 Smart investors have a plan B
10:12 The best asset managers of the world are located in Switzerland
11:04 Why is the Swiss Franc so strong?
12:30 Swiss asset managers achieve better results than banks
13:35 Why you will make more money with your Swiss bank account?
14:25 Since Covid-19, US investors are buying a second passport
15:00 Here is the typical performance of a Swiss best in class asset manager
18:02 A Swiss bank account guarantees a much better medical treatment
20:50 Asset protection must take place before bad things take place
20:58 Geographical diversification of assets is more important than diversification of investments
22:22 How to avoid the risk of financial kidnapping?
23:20 How secure are banks in Georgia?

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