Attorneys Jeb Butler and Tom Giannotti discuss a case that resulted in a $1.5 Million Settlement.

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►Hi, I’m Jeb Butler. This is Tom Gianotti with the Butler Law Firm. And we’re going to talk today about our car accident case that Tom and I worked on the recently settled for one and a half million dollars. We’ll go through it about like this. We’ll first talk about the wreck. And then we’ll talk about who is at fault, which was a little unusual this case. Tom will expound upon that and we’ll talk about some insurance stuff. So this collision happened on I 75 south and specifically it occurred late one night when some folks were heading back from what had been a Braves game. So they’re heading back from Truist Park here and they’re coming down 75. And the collision occurs right about in here just outside North Atlanta High School. I think as they’re approaching the Mount Paran [inaudible 00:01:05]. Is that, is that right, Tom?
Yeah. So it ended up being, it was an unusual collision and there are two vehicles that may have been racing. I mean, both were moving fast. We had a sports car and then another nice fast car. And we could tell pretty early on that these vehicles had been booking it because here’s the police report from the Atlanta Police Department. And it’s not often that an officer writes anything even remotely colorful in their police reports, but here they did. The officer was interviewing witnesses there and concluded that as you can see, one of the vehicle, one guy says that both vehicles were hauling tail to use a different word than need to.
►So we knew things were going fast. The vehicles as time will explain it, wasn’t totally clear what happened out there, but somehow these vehicles side swiped one another. We never got, the case actually settled pretty rapidly. So we never got complete pictures from the police department who had some of this stuff under hold, because they’re considering a criminal prosecution, but we do have pictures of one of the cars. This is a Ford Mustang involved in the collision. And you can see that it’s consistent with the sort of side swipe collision that knocked one of the vehicles out of control. So Tom, tell us what we found out about who was at fault out there.
Yeah. So as Jeb alluded to, this is a little bit unusual. Normally in car accident cases we’re primarily going after one driver, the one at fault party. In this case, it was unusual in that we actually had two drivers that appeared to have at least some shared responsibility for this accident. And there was some dispute as to who was really primarily at fault, but it was interesting. This is really sad, but the decedent’s boyfriend was actually driving her car. So very sadly he actually was partly determined to be at fault by the police department. And he actually had given a recorded statement to the insurance company in which he talked about how this Ford Mustang, you just saw on the screen was basically driving really aggressively behind him, tailgating, revving his engine, kind of swerving tires back and forth like you might see a race car driver do behind a pace car or something.



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