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SEO Training Perth

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Cheltenham Group and SEO
SEO is not a magic bullet
Can you do your own SEO?
WordPress and SEO
SEO Terminology
Google Search Algorithm
SEO Concepts
Name Everything
Quality Content and Freshness
Google Webmaster Guidelines
HTML Basics
Chrome and Google
Firefox and Google
Internet Explorer and Google
Microsoft Edge and Google
Evaluating Keyword Phrases
Power Google Searching
Advanced Google Searching
Google Keyword Planner Tool
Third party analysis tools
Keywords and Domain Names
SEO Copywriting
The more text, the better and Tabs
Think Questions
Bold and Bulleted Lists
HTML Title
HTML Description
Meta Keyword Tags
SEO Yoast
Anchor Text
404 Error Redirection
Internal Linking
Buying Links
Google Disavow Tool
Follow and Nofollow Links
Editing the HTML Head Section
Incoming Links and SEO
Outgoing Links and SEO
Free Stock Images and Videos
Low Cost Design Services
Image File Names and SEO
Image Alt Tags and SEO
Images and Metadata
Document Linking and SEO
YouTube and SEO
YouTube Video Thumbnails
Video Sitemaps and SEO
YouTube Specific Information
VidIQ and YouTube SEO
Alternatives to YouTube
Embed Video Metadata and SEO
SEO Tips for Embedded Videos
Website Loading Speed and SEO
Checking Website Loading Speed
Website Loading Speed and Images
Caching and SEO
Gzip and SEO
Minifying Code and SEO
Mobile SEO and Search Engine Optimization
Responsive Website Design
Website Folder Structure and SEO
HTML Sitemap and SEO
XML Sitemap and SEO
Specifying Website Language
Website Encryption, HTTPS
Schema Mark up and SEO
Schema Plugins with WordPress
Google Data Highlighter
Robot txt file
The htaccess file
Redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS
HTML Mark up Validation Service
Web Hosting Issues
Website Browser and Hardware Issues
WordPress Permalinks
Breadcrumbs and SEO
Dangers of Website Redesign
Converting a Website to WordPress
Attracting Links to Your Website