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Google has confirmed that an algorithm update targeted to fight spam is rolling out to search results worldwide and in all languages. According to Google, the October 2022 spam update will take quite some time to completely roll out. (Quite obvious because it took 11 months of preparation for Google to launch it.

To ensure the quality of its search engine results, Google routinely releases spam updates.

Google clearly defines what it considers spam, which involves tricking users into providing personal information or installing malware on their computers. Spam updates help to identify phishing scams and other fake sites that try to rank in search results by posing as relevant pages.

While some may consider thin web pages spam, they do not meet Google’s definition of spam. This content is more likely to get hit by helpful content algorithms.

If you observe a drop in rankings following the October 2022 spam update, you should examine your site’s security and look for signs of a possible attack.

If a spam update has hit your website, Google says it could take months to recover, provided you’re willing to make the necessary changes to comply with Google’s spam policies.

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