😱Google Core Update August 2023: Did My AI SEO Sites TANK?🤔

In today’s video, I dive deep into the aftermath of the 😱 Google Core Update August 2023. Many have speculated about the impact on AI SEO sites, and today I’m sharing my firsthand experience. Did my AI-driven websites tank? Or did they rise above the storm? We’ll go behind the scenes of my Google Search Console, revealing the performance of various sites. From the German Vogelwunderland to my personal site, I’ll transparently show you which of my sites took a hit, and which ones soared.

The Google Core Update so far is no joke! With SERP volatility indicators showing significant changes, it’s essential to understand the potential implications for AI-generated content. I’ll also share some of the most significant SEO mistakes I’ve recently made and provide insights on how you can steer clear of them.

We’ll discuss various sites. Each has its unique story post the update, and there are some surprising outcomes. Plus, I’ll touch upon the difference between using traditional content strategies and integrating ChatGPT into the SEO game.

Disclaimer: This video is just for fun and based on test websites. Always conduct your own research when considering AI content for SEO, as there are inherent risks involved.

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