This is probably the most important component of AI prompt engineering if you are using ChatGPT, or any other AI tools when it comes to SEO content, and digital marketing for 2023. And yes, it’s possible to land on the first page of Google in 24 hours even if you have a new site with low domain authority.

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This is the final part of a 4 part AI SEO tutorial series where I outlined important component for any AI prompt. The goal is to help guide the AI to work for you and create the perfect content that you are looking for. To truly optimize AI technology, you must master prompt engineering. It must be a focal point in your digital marketing strategy if you want to compete as a freelancer, agency or business.

Here are the prompt components we already discussed:

1. Company Brand Image
You must detail exactly what your company or client is about. What is the brand image? Is it professional, fun, inspiring, etc. You must provide as much detail as possible for the AI to understand on behalf of whom it’s writing.

2. Tone
This will detail the tone of the blog, service page or proposal. It’s important to add this to your AI prompts to, for lack of a better term, set the tone. Again, do you want it to sound professional, authoritative, fun or friendly. You can add multiple but be careful not to overload.

3. Target Keyword
Obviously it’s important to tell the AI which SEO keywords are you trying to optimize for. Once you have conducted your own keyword research, add this to the prompt. You can even tell the AI how many times you want it to include this keyword in the article / blog post. This will help with Google impressions in the long run.

4. Goal of the Blog
This is one of the most important components when it comes to AI content creation. This further guides the AI to write the content you desire. Here is an example of a blog goal:

To inform small-to-medium sized business in Los Angeles about how to deal with Unions. The topic is about labor unions but the blog will be targeting employers. So you’ll notice how most of the Google results related to unions is speaking to employees. i.e. how unions work, how to start a union, etc. This blog must be written by a law firm offering advice to businesses in LA on unions, their implications and how to deal with them. The goal is to provide our legal expertise to these businesses who are looking for a lawyer to deal with union reps and so on.

AI in digital marketing is here to stay, and you must use it and capitalize on the phenomenon. From writing persuasive marketing content to optimizing SEO, ChatGPT has proven to be one of the best AI tools for SEO. We offer an easy-to-follow ChatGPT tutorial and dive into the concept of prompt engineering ChatGPT. This will guide you on how to use the language model to its full potential, helping you generate higher Google impressions, driving more traffic to your site.

Our discussion doesn’t stop at ChatGPT SEO. We further explore a variety of artificial intelligence SEO tools and how they help hack the ever-changing Google algorithm. This AI SEO tutorial includes hands-on demonstrations with these tools, providing you an insightful walk-through that can ultimately lead to SEO success.

Digital marketing 2023 is all about integrating AI into your strategy, and we’ll show you how. With AI in digital marketing, you can automate and optimize many tasks, leading to more effective campaigns and higher return on investment.

So, if you’re a business looking for the latest digital marketing tools or a freelancer seeking effective ways to improve your SEO game, this video is for you.